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National Sun Yat-Sen University Student Emergency Relief Measures (國立中山大學學生急難救助實施辦法)

National Sun Yat-Sen University Student Emergency Relief Measures


1999.4.21 Reported and approved for implementation at the 21st Executive Meeting of 1999-Academic Year

2000.10.25 Amended and approved at the 9th Executive Meeting of 2000-Academic Year

2000.11.2 Implementation approved by the President in 2000-Academic Year

2001.9.12 Amended and approved for implementation at the 1st Executive Meeting of 2001-Academic Year

2002.3.6 Amended and approved for implementation at the 14th Executive Meeting of 2002-Academic Year

2002.12.18 Amended and approved for implementation at the 12th Executive Meeting of 2002-Academic Year

2004.9.8 Amended and approved for implementation at the 1st Executive Meeting of 2004-Academic year

2014.6.18 Amended and approved at the 9th executive meeting of the 2nd semester of 2013-Academic Year


First         National Sun Yat-Sen University (hereinafter referred to as the University or NSYSU) has formulated this set of measures aimed at to provide assistance/relief to students in distress caused by accident and/or emergency.


Second     The Emergency Relief Fund is financed by fixed allocation from the University’s annual budget and with donations from community members.


Third        The life guidance section of the Student Affairs Office is the organ responsible for the Emergency Relief Fund operations.


Fourth      Any NSYSU student facing any of the below situations can apply for emergency relief:

1.     Family in crisis resulting in the loss of livelihood and requires assistance.

2.     Seriously ill or seriously injured.

3.     Family facing economic hardship, with both parents in unemployment.

4.     Other emergency situations that require relief assistance.


Fifth         The following documentations are required when applying for relief:

1.     Photocopy of student ID.

2.     Relevant supporting documents proving the need for relief assistance.


Sixth        Application Procedure:

1.     The applicant should fill out the application form (as in attachment) and   provide the required documents. The application and required documents can only be submitted to the Student Affairs Office after they have been reviewed and stamped by the college dean or department chair.

2.     A review meeting should be immediately convened by Student Affairs after receiving an application, however, if the requested amount is below Twenty Thousand NT$, the dean of Student Affairs can authorize the relief grant first and submit the application for emergency relief committee’s approval after-fact.

3.     The Emergency Relief review committee should meet at once in every semester.  

4.     At the review meeting, beside reviewing submitted documentation, the committee can call upon any person related to the case for the purpose of verification.


SEVENTH      The University’s Emergency Relief Review Committee shall be comprised by the following persons:

1.     Dean of Student Affairs (meeting convener)

2.     Section Head of Living Guidance

3.     Director of Counseling Center

4.     One Student Affairs committee representative from each college


EIGHTH  Relief fund allocation standard is shown in the table, the amount granted per case can be between NT$ Three Thousand to Fifty Thousand.  Under special circumstances, the review committee or the President of the NSYSU can authorize to raise the relief amount.


NINTH     This set of measures should be presented and approved at the University’s executive meeting and goes into effect once approved by the University president.  Same procedure applies for revisions and amendments.

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